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This agreement provides the terms & conditions of use (herein referred to as “Agreement"), applicable to your use of the website (“www.temsheets.com). TEMSHEETS (herein referred to as ‘the company’) holds the right to make changes/amendments and update the said agreement at any time with or without notification. By using/accessing this website, you agree to accept the given terms of the agreement, without any limitations/disagreement. If you disagree to abide by any of the given terms, you are not to access/use this website. The company is at absolute discretion to deny access to its website, if anyone has implicitly or explicitly violated the terms of the agreement.

Posting of content on website

Any content posted on a company's website is subject to the terms of privacy policy and this agreement. The content includes texts, emails, opinion, audio/video material or any other information. If you are posting any content on the website, then you are allowing the company to use the content, subject to our privacy policy, indefinitely for multiple purposes including advertorial, creative etc. You shall not be entitled to any monetary compensation for such use of content by the company.

Conduct on the website
  • The company is at its discretion to supervise, modify, deny, decline or delete the posted content at any time, if it finds the content is in any way violates the terms of the agreement or is against national/individual security, is illegally obtained or threatens the physical, mental, psychological, financial or behavioral wellbeing of other person(s).
  • The content/information provided by the user must be true and must not mislead the company.
  • Any copyrighted/proprietary content/material can be posted only after obtaining the consent of the owner of such proprietary material.
  • That the user must abide with all the relevant laws & regulations, as applicable, while using the website. Any unauthorized access to a website (an access to the website other than authorized means or defined processes) or data interception without the consent of the registered user is illegal and is strictly prohibited.
  • That any engagement in advertising via websites to trade any products/services including the products/services cited in the website to other users is not allowed. Any communication or transmission of unsolicited/junk mails or letters via website to other registered users is not allowed. Information obtained from this website should not be used to abuse/harm/exploit another person in any way and is a direct violation of the agreement. The company reserves the right to limit the messages/mails/texts via this website from any user to other users, as it finds appropriate.
  • That the company reserves the right to reveal any information including PII as & when essential and found appropriate, within prescribed legal framework and guidelines. It includes any legal investigation, subpoena or any legal court order. By doing this, the company shall safeguard its interest & status from any possible or potential harm/injury.
  • The company reserves the right but is not obliged to supervise any posts on the public terrain of the website. It is at its sole discretion to modify/delete any posted content, if it is not subject to the terms of agreement or laws of the country. The company shall not take any liability/responsibility of the content of your posts on the public terrain of its website & of any claims/damages/losses arising due to such posts. These posts will not in any way reflect the company's views or opinions. The posting of such content must ensure the non-infringement of any proprietary rights of other person/entity or third party rights and that these posts should not be defamatory or illegally obtained.
Links to Affiliates & other business entities

The company does not hold any liability/responsibility and should not be held liable/responsible for the actions, services, content, postings, products etc. as shown/reflected on our website via APIs or integration tools and are linked to the websites of our affiliates/corporate partners/business entities.

The company does not take responsibility for evaluating/monitoring their products/services/content of posts published on their web-links reflected on our website.

That there are other third party links reflected on our website which may link you to their websites and are meant to publicize their products and services, so that you can conveniently reach their website for information. You may access them entirely at your own risk. The company does not hold/take responsibility for their content/product/services irrespective of our association/affiliation with these third parties. Please note that we do not endorse these linked websites.

Third parties are at liberty to approach us for hyper texting their links on our websites, provided they do not mean or indicate any kind of endorsement/sponsorship by the company. Any use of Company’s trademarks, logos, or other intellectual assets by third party without our consent is illegal & prohibited.

Account protection

The user agrees to access our website at his/her own risk and the company takes no responsibility of the same. You are required to keep your account log-in ID and password protected and must take necessary security measures to restrict/prevent unauthorized access to your computer. You hereby consent to take full responsibility of any or all tasks/activities occurring under your registered account & password. We strictly deal with adults/parents & guardians of our students, who age above 18 years and not with the children/students.

Privacy Policy

All the terms of the agreement are in conjunction and subject to the terms mentioned in our privacy policy. Kindly refer to the privacy policy for details.

Place of jurisdiction for dispute resolution

The agreement is drafted & is governed by the applicable laws of India. For dispute resolution, the place of jurisdiction shall be..........................

Use of & limitations regarding trademark & copyrights

The website belongs to Temsheets.com and any material including but not limited to practice sheets, work sheets, tests, images, videos, demonstrations, audio messages etc. are protected by the laws pertaining to intellectual property Rights (trademark & copyright) in India. The company has absolute & unconditional control over the copyright & trademark of aforementioned materials belonging to us or by other third parties that have accredited/licensed them to us. Any such sheets provided by the company to its subscribers/users are entirely for their personal use and are not meant for any digital or non-digital platform to transfer/sale or any other commercial purpose. The user is strictly prohibited from copying, republishing, posting, broadcasting, transmitting, distributing or reproducing via any available electronic means like e-mail, other websites etc. for any monetary compensation. That the user is prohibited to make any changes in the provided materials, without our prior written approval. Any violation of the aforementioned terms of intellectual property rights is illegal under relevant civil & criminal laws .

Limitation of liability

The company shall not be held liable for any damages/losses/expenses as incurred to you or the third party in any event including but not limited to inability to avail services or access website or with respect to the content showcased on the website. Any damages/expenses/losses claimed for any indirect, exemplary, subsequent, special, auxiliary damages due to personal injury/ data loss, loss of profit, change of government laws, loss of revenue or other commercial reasons etc. shall not be borne or accounted by the company, irrespective of the kind of action or whether the company has prior knowledge about it.

Reliability of the content

The company makes a sincere endeavor to provide reliable, accurate and error-free materials & sheets to its students & users. Nevertheless, we do not certify that the provided content, material or other related description on the website is accurate, reliable, latest, error-free or complete. If you find any material unsatisfactory or are not as described by the company, then you can report the same to us on our given e-mail ID and we assure you that we shall do our best to resolve this unintentional error/condition.

Our Billing & Cancellation terms & conditions

The subscriber is to make payment for the subscription, as & when asked for, via authentic payment modes including credit card, debit card, net banking, UPI or e-wallets.

Monthly subscription holders: The company shall send you a written notification at the end of your monthly period and may either automatically renew it by deducting the same from your account, as per your consent or shall ask you to renew it, as per your choice of making payment. In either case, you are at liberty to cancel your monthly subscription as & when you want, should you wish to discontinue your subscription services with us.

Annual Subscription holders: The Company shall send you a written notification before the end of the annual period and shall ask you, your wish to continue or discontinue your subscription services. Payment mode shall be the same as mentioned here above and the subscriber is free to choose its mode.

Any failure to make payment within the given time period, allows the company to suspend or cease your account, temporarily or permanently, as it deems fit.

The company offers a ......... day free trial period to the consumers so that they can have the opportunity to make their decision for subscription. If you decide to subscribe with us and make the required payment for our subscription, then the company does not prefer refund of the subscription amount.


You are free to cancel the subscription services as & when you want and we shall immediately initiate the cancellation process. The process requires a written request via mail to our email address as given on our website. The company shall not refund the amount for any unused part of the subscription.

Offers & pricing

The company issues offers and packages from time to time, which are subject to conditions and may change at our discretion. The company reserves the right to vary the pricing policy & prices of the subscription, with or without any advance notice.

Modifications/revisions of the agreement

The company reserves the right to revise/modify the terms of the agreement with or without any notice. The site may indicate the date & time of modifications. Your continued usage of the website even after the modifications construes your consent to revisions of the terms.