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Our privacy policy elucidates the purpose of gathering, using, sharing and disclosing the information as collected on our website Temsheets.com (hereinafter referred as ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’) for rendering best of our services to the users/subscribers/visitors. This policy is applicable to all users including children below & above the age of 13 (Refer children privacy guidelines hereunder for details), adults, our employees, partners & other concerned parties.

The respective user is needed to read and agree to the terms of privacy policy prior to using the website. By agreeing to visit & use our website, you consent to the new/modified terms, if any in this policy. Any dispute or disregard over the terms of policy is subject to the terms specified in the said policy & terms of use. It is to be assumed that the latest version of the Privacy Policy is posted on the website and date of latest posting shall be intimated on the website.

Children safety & protection is our priority

In order to provide a safe online learning environment to your children, we ensure to keep the worksheets/test/practice sheet area free of any external links. We prefer to connect through parents and shall directly sent the worksheets to parents who have subscribed on our website via online modes like e-mail, apps etc. We don’t ask for children’s mail or contact information at all.

Privacy Guidelines for children
  • We make no direct contact with the students and don’t gather any of their personal information.
  • Children are strictly forbidden to post/publicize any of their personal information on our website.
  • We don’t share or spread out personal identifiable information of students to any third parties without the consent of their parents/guardian.
Personal Identifiable Information (PII) – Collection Policy

We ask for parents personal identifiable information to collect information about you, like name, address, e-mail, contact numbers, etc. When you register yourself for free/subscribe with us/fill our survey forms/participate in any publicized contest on our website. You are at liberty to visit our website to learn more about us and when you are satisfied, you can subscribe for our premium services/registered with us only after registering with us.

Use of personal Information

The purpose(s) of using the collected information about the user are as under:

  • To reply to your service requests and queries;
  • To send you mails periodically to update about our services and newly introduced features, if any;
  • To process monetary transactions accurately & efficiently;
  • To send you subject enrichment worksheets and performance related feedback(s) about the students regularly;
  • To notify, manage, supervise and respond on contests/surveys/competitions publicized on our website;
  • To communicate the status of your query, account registration & other administrative purposes pertaining to your account;
  • To customize a personalized experience for you;
  • To safeguard us against any fraudulent/illegal activities;
  • To send promotional materials/newsletters/marketing information from our trusted third parties, which you are free to unsubscribe as per you wish/needs;
Third Parties & sharing personal identifiable information

We may share your personal identifiable information as collected to the following third parties in good faith & understanding, provided such disclosure is reasonably essential and subject to our policies.

  • Our trusted corporate partners, affiliates & entities for several reasons like facilitating any joint services, in order to discover/prevent cyber crimes & frauds, to prevent misuse/exploitation of our services etc.
  • Law enforcement authorities and agencies including police, court etc. in order to protect us.
  • Other corporate parties in case the company decides to merge/transfer/sale/acquire/be acquired for any business purposes.
  • Contractors who are hired for their services like technical support, software programmers etc. They consent to keep the PII shared by us absolutely confidential.
  • Third party rights owners or others, if required and if the user agrees to share/disclose his/her personal identifiable information.

We shall not sell/transfer/ or trade your personal information unless as elucidated above, without your consent or if required to disclose under legal circumstances.

Third party external links

Our website may show web-links of respective third parties, with whom we may/may not have shared your PII with them. Temsheets.com is not liable or accountable for their privacy policies & procedures and is not responsible for the content shown on the web-links of these parties.

Contests & surveys

Our website, at times, may request you to participate in a survey or offer contests, which may require you to provide your PII or your personal feedbacks/reactions on our services. This is subject to identity verification and is supervised by third parties. Surveys are meant to improve our services/performance.

COOKIES & its use

Cookies are used to store your device’s information as collected by our server from the user's browser, every time he logs in to our website to visit us. It allows us to track the amount of usage of our website, to administer & handle items in the carts, to track & set aside user’s likes & choices etc.

It helps in evaluating traffic on websites and thereby in personalizing ads for visitors. We may have to share information with our advertising & other related third party partners to improve the quality of our products & services.

We have designed certain services to function aptly by using cookies and if you choose to disable them, it may impact your capacity to use those Services completely or partially.

Data Security

We have taken all the necessary technical, physical or electronic security measures like SSL encryption to protect user’s collected personal & accounting information in order to provide our outstanding services. Despite our best efforts and effective measures, any website is always prone to the risk of hacking, crashes, malware, spyware, viruses etc.

You must take all the adequate steps to safeguard your computer from such unauthorized cyber threats. However, we advise you as a parent/guardian to make your children aware about the virtues and precautions to maintain online safety at all times.

Free to unsubscribe/opt-out

We offer our users a free opportunity to unsubscribe/opt out of receiving marketing/promotional mails & communications from us or any of our affiliates/corporate partners after their successful registration with us. If you want to discontinue or opt to eradicate your contact information from our website, kindly contact us at support@temsheets.com

Changes in Privacy policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy at any time with or without notification. You should check the changes before agreeing to them and keep yourself updated by visiting our website.