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General Question

‘Temsheets’ is exclusively designed to enhance the intelligence of young budding minds from preschool to grade 6. We create & cater educational & engaging worksheets to them with a key objective to improve their learning, enhance thinking & nurture their curiosity. Temsheets offer them a world of fun-filled & productive learning through challenging worksheets & exciting tests.

We offer both free & premium subscription services to our registered users. You are required to register at temsheets to avail any of our provided subscription services.

Free Subscription: You can access upto 100 worksheets per month.
Premium Subscription: It is a paid subscription which opens the door to our premium offers and services for our premium user. Moreover, you can access up to 500 worksheets per month along with their respective solution key!!

We understand the needs, limitations and focus areas of our students in consideration to their age, grade and interests. We have designed & drafted image based questions in our worksheets for preschool/kindergarten students, which doesn’t involve reading but in fact, engage them thoroughly. Also, we provide engaging visuals that are easily visible on the mobile/computer screen and improve the clarity of questions & concepts.

Currently, we are covering from preschool to Grade 6. But our vision is to reach upto Grade 12.

Our worksheets are thoughtfully designed and developed to improve their holistic learning. It includes improving their ability to contemplate, memory power, linguistic skills, numerical & logical reasoning and helping them use their intelligence ability efficiently. Our worksheets cover different aspects of learning which include:

  • Academics(especially english & maths);
  • Puzzle solving;
  • Grammar & Vocabulary;
  • Life skills (For instance: importance of hygiene, washing related words & devices; modes of transportation & things to keep in mind etc.)
  • Concept understanding via fun-filled exercises;
  • practice worksheets for improvement;
  • other important areas like reasoning, aptitude etc.

Yes. you can download worksheets for higher grades also as we don’t restrain learning as per grades.

If you are having any subscription-related issues after you have made the requested payment then, email us on support@temsheets.com and we shall get back to you within 48 hours.

No, we don't provide hard copies of the worksheets. You can download them from our website and take printouts.

We provide answer sheets only to premium subscribers, which are password protected.

No, kindly refer to our privacy policy & terms of use before subscribing for our worksheets. These sheets are only for personal use of the user/subscriber.

No, we don’t have any refund policy. In consideration to the digital nature of the product, your access to our product imparts instinct benefits. If you want to evaluate the content & quality of our worksheets, you can use & study our free worksheets.