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Unlimited Downloads Ready-Made Designed Worksheets

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Unlimited Downloads Ready-Made Designed Worksheets

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About us

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.” - Albert Einstein

Practice is vital to succeed in any field and Temsheets is determined to help you practice and succeed.

Temsheets offers you an online educational platform to discover new methods to practice, learn and acquire knowledge. The need of the hour demands exceptional methods to incline the interest of young intellectual minds into productive learning. We are set to give them thrill by making challenging and visually appealing worksheets that can boost their analytical and reasoning skills. We have experts from IT and education sectors who have explicitly designed worksheets and tests for students from preschool to grade 6 with an impetus to broaden their knowledge and improve their concepts on relating subject topics. We offer three kinds of subscription services i.e. Free, Pro and Premium in consideration to the financial constraint and learning needs of our students & parents. Let your children explore & enjoy vibrant learning with Temsheets!!

"Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them."

Our Mission

  • In this era of online learning, Temsheets intend to uplift the standard of practice and learning for young intellectuals from all over the world.
  • Our core objective is to introduce unique ways to improve the skills of learners, offer opportunities to ‘offer their best’ to passionate educators and provide a resourceful platform to parents for their children.
  • We want to become an invaluable learning aid for our students by developing visually appealing & excellent educational worksheets across various grades & subjects.

Our Vision

  • Temsheets envision opening its resourceful digital platform to students up till grade 12 in next 5 years.
  • Learning is a continuous process and we are determined to make this practice learning more valuable by providing worksheets for over 25 subjects and over 2000 topics for our budding minds.
  • The key is to prepare our students for competition and help them excel in their respective schools. We are keen to boost their confidence, uphold their excitement and manage their time while they practice on our specially designed worksheets.

Why choose us?

Temsheets offer a unique pedagogical practice for your kids which emphasize on providing insightful learning and making your kids visually perceptive as well as analytical thinkers. Our key features include:-

  • Focused approach: Temsheets is dedicated to its mission to help its students holistically prepare and practice to excel in school, competition and academics.
  • Experience & expertise: Our experienced teachers apply their expertise and understanding in developing different kinds of comprehensible worksheets for students in consideration to their needs for challenge, fun, learning and education.
  • Hands-on-learning: We offer a digitally equipped library of tests and worksheets to our students which enable them to explore information, analyze topics, reason logic and improve their skills.
  • Cost-effective: Our subscription services vary according to your budget. We offer basic, pro and premium subscription services to our users and with one objective to impart quality learning to one and all.
  • Answer sheet: We will be providing answer sheets separately for the worksheets only to Pro subscribers.
  • Password protected answers: Answers sheets can be password protected from parents so that the sheets cannot be accessed by students without any parental permission or presence.